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KDPS has launched a pilot program the engagement platform, My90.  It's a tool that collects feedback to improve outcomes after service calls. Hours after a call for service, the caller is texted a link and asked to fill out a survey regarding their experience with KDPS. Following a traffic stop, drivers are given a card with a QR Code, where they can give confidential feedback about their experience. The results of this feedback is summarized in the reports below. 

Many KDPS policies and procedures are available for public review. Other policies and procedures are available upon request. We ask that you submit these requests through the FOIA process so they can be tracked and reviewed.

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Contracts for Kalamazoo's two public safety unions, the Kalamazoo Public Safety Officers Association (KPSOA) and the Kalamazoo Police Supervisors Association (KPSA), are available along with other union contracts here.

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