The largest and most visible division in KDPS, the Operations Division strives to serve and protect our community with unwavering dedication, integrity, and professionalism. The Operations Division is responsible for the initial response to all police, fire and emergency medical calls for service. Officers are committed to upholding the rule of law, safeguarding the rights and safety of all individuals, and fostering trust through transparent and accountable policing to create a safe and inclusive environment where every member of our diverse community can thrive. The Operations Division consists of, and is responsible for:

  • Operations officers, command staff, parking enforcement officers, and support staff
  • Six sub-stations, located in neighborhoods throughout the City, not including Headquarters
  • Ten fire apparatus, including seven engines, three ladder trucks, and three EMS response vehicles
  • Response to approximately 95,000 calls for service annually
  • Eight K9 teams
  • Emergency management and preparation
  • Strategic planning

Operations focuses on reducing crime and providing the most effective, efficient, and professional police, fire and EMS services available. The Division focuses on the following four service objectives: Enforcement, Blight Reduction, Community Interaction, and Training. It also participates in initiatives like youth academies and explorer programs, and works to create positive interactions during daily foot patrols, targeted at reducing youth violence in neighborhoods.