Larceny of Rental Property

  1. Criminal complaints will not be accepted on property with a fair market value of less than $200.
  2. Criminal complaints will not be accepted on rental agreements breached more than 60 days before time of report.
  3. This entire report must be completed legibly.
  4. A notice of the breached agreement and letter of intent to recover property must be sent to the lessee by registered/certified mail.
  5. Use one report form for each lease agreement filed.
  6. Submit with this form the rental agreement, payment history, copy of any identification obtained from the lessee, copy of letter of intent to recover property, property inventory information (to include make, model, serial # and fair market value) and the Post Office certified mail receipt showing delivery or non-delivery.
  7. This form must be signed by a person in a position of responsibility.
  8. Return this form and required documents to the address listed to the right.

Download Reporting Form(PDF, 109KB)