Food Truck Registration

Mobile Food Service Units (food trucks or including hand carts utilizing fossil fuels) must be inspected and permitted prior to operating in the city of Kalamazoo.Units must be inspected annually. 

The owner/operator of a Mobile Food Service Unit must attend a safety class on hazards, safe operation, and compliance specific to a Mobile Food Service Units. The class must be provided by the Fire Marshal’s Office or another approved source. The class must be attended once every three years. The City of Kalamazoo will honor the attendance of a safety class and inspection of a mutually approved organization. To arrange for a safety class and inspection contact the Kalamazoo Fire Marshal’s Office at (269) 337-8123.

Mobile Food Service Units that use vegetable oil or animal fats to cook must are to have an automatic fire suppression system.

Register a Food Truck or Cart

Step 1.Food Licensing 

If you are starting a brand new food truck, you will need the appropriate license from Kalamazoo County in order to serve food. If you are not already licensed, reach out to the Environmental Health Division to obtain the proper licensing. 

Kalamazoo County Environmental Health Applications 

Step 2.Register Your Mobile Food Service Unit 

Complete the registration form to register your food truck or cart. You'll need to provide the details of the vehicle, how food will be prepared, business details, and safety information. Email the completed registration form to

Mobile Food Service Unit Registration Form(PDF, 120KB)

Step 3.Inspection and Safety Class

Owners/operators of food trucks or carts are required to have their equipment inspected every year and attend an approved safety class every three years. After your registration form is reviewed, the Fire Marshall's Office will reach out to you about these requirements and to schedule a class or inspection as necessary. 

Safety Inspection Form(PDF, 4MB)

Kalamazoo Food Truck Checklist(PDF, 145KB)

Step 4.Ready to Serve

Once you complete your registration and meet the requirement you will be given approval to operate in the city of Kalamazoo. There are many great events that feature food trucks, like Lunchtime Live! in Bronson Park and Food Truck Rallies throughout the Kalamazoo area.