Knox Key Vault Program

Public Safety Officers respond to emergencies (whether that is a medical emergency, a smoke/odor investigation, fire, sprinkler flow, or fire alarm activation) twenty-four hours a day. Officers many times are not able to immediately gain access to render care or mitigate the emergency, and on some occasions, the door has had to be forcibly entered.

These examples are why the Kalamazoo Fire Prevention Code section 506 requires the installation of key vaults at commercial occupancies. The City of Kalamazoo has subscribed to the Knox Rapid Entry System.

Purchasing a Knox Key Vault is simple through the Knox web site at To purchase a Knox Key Vault, simply click the buy button on the right side of the web page. Enter the zip code for the area of the City that the vault will be installed. Select “Kalamazoo Dept P/S” for the City of Kalamazoo.

The minimum size vault allowed in the City of Kalamazoo is the 3200 series vaults. This vault will hold up to 10 keys. A key for every secured area in the business should be placed in the vault, or a master key that will open all areas.

Once you have received your vault, please mount it in an accessible, non-concealed location on your business. The vault shall be mounted approximately five feet off the ground near a primary door. The vault can also be mounted near an exterior door that serves the commercial fire alarm panel, if you have one.

Facilities which are secured by gates either electronically controlled or lock and chain may require an additional Knox electronic key switch or Knox exterior pad lock to allow entry.

After the vault is mounted and keys are available to be put inside, please call (269) 488-8911 to schedule for an on-duty fire crew to come and secure the vault.