Connect Kalamazoo

A photo of a home security camera

Kalamazoo Public Safety (KDPS) and the City of Kalamazoo have partnered with Fusus, a public-private crime mitigation and safety platform to help keep Kalamazoo Safe. Fusus is a software program enabling public-private partnerships to give communities a stake in their own safety. Fusus allows public safety agencies to seamlessly tie together public and private video and data sources and deliver them via a cloud-based platform, in real-time, to significantly improve situational awareness and increase efficiency for first responders and investigators, with the overall objective to keep Kalamazoo safe.

CONNECT KALAMAZOO ( is secure website that allows residents and businesses in Kalamazoo to join Fusus by registering their cameras. CONNECT KALAMAZOO offers two options: Camera Registry and Camera Integration.

Camera Registry:

Residents and businesses can voluntarily register their cameras with CONNECT KALAMAZOO. There is no cost to register your camera, no additional hardware needed and can be completed in less than a minute. Camera registry DOES NOT allow KDPS access to your live video. Registering your camera will allow KDPS investigators to know almost immediately if video evidence might be available at a particular location and who to contact to retrieve it.

Camera Integration:

Business have the option to purchase a Fusus Core Device on CONNECT KALAMAZOO allowing KDPS access to their camera feed in case of an emergency or criminal activity at your location. Cameras that KDPS can view is permission-based set by the camera owner. The camera owner determines what cameras KDPS can have access to and what cameras remain private. You set your preferences. The video data that is stored on a Fusus Core device remains at the camera owner’s location. Fusus does not access the owner’s own data storage, or DVR, to retrieve the video data. When video data is shared with Public Safety, it is shared directly from the Fusus Core device.

Participation from the community will help the City and KDPS better assist citizens and solve crimes. For more information or to register, please visit