Professional Standards


The Office of Professional Standards protects the public, the employee, and the department through fair, thorough, and proactive investigations of officer conduct. This mission is intended to accomplish three objectives:

  • Protection of the public by identifying and implementing corrective action of department personnel and changing procedures that negatively affect the quality of life in the City of Kalamazoo.
  • Protection of the department by taking appropriate action so that misconduct of a few will not detract from the overall reputation of Kalamazoo Public Safety.
  • Protection of the employee against false or malicious allegations of misconduct by ensuring fairness and accuracy in all investigations.


  • The Office of Professional Standards is tasked with several major responsibilities, including:
  • Accepting, reviewing, and investigating complaints of officer misconduct
  • Reviewing and managing agency policies and procedures
  • Maintaining the agency’s accredited status through the Michigan Law Enforcement Accreditation Commission
  • Reviewing all uses of force, vehicle pursuits, foot pursuits, firearm discharges, and employee-involved vehicle crashes.