Criminal Investigation Division (CID)

The Criminal Investigation Division (CID) mission is to protect and serve our community by conducting thorough and impartial criminal investigations. We strive to build trust and engage with our community, provide support to victims of crime, and hold offenders accountable for their actions.

CID is committed to working with victim’s and victims’ families to gather both information and evidence to build a comprehensive understanding of the case.

Our Detectives, Crime Scene Investigators, and Support Staff are trained in numerous investigative techniques and have technical expertise to collect and preserve evidence.

The Criminal Investigation Division is the department’s second largest division and are assigned approximately 4000 cases annually.

The division is staffed by 16 Detectives, 1 Polygraph Examiner, 1 Lab Specialist, 4 Lab Technicians, 1 Crime Analyst, 2 Administrative Assistants, 1 ATFE Gun Intel Contractor, 1 Investigative Aid, 1 Sergeant, 1 Executive Lieutenant, and 1 Captain.