Community Outreach and Problem Solving (C.O.P.S.)

In continuance of our balanced approach to crime reduction, specifically violent crime and improving the quality of life in our community, Public Safety has created a division that combines the most proactive pieces of the organization into a singular division called Community Outreach and Problem Solving or C.O.P.S. The goals for the division are:

  • To work in partnership with the community and establish a two-way dialogue with citizens in order to identify the individuals involved in illegal activity and utilize a multifaceted approach to address the problems.
  • To improve the overall communication and cooperation between the Divisions within KDPS. We utilize the resources of the entire department to address those identified problems.
  • To utilize the knowledge and resources of various agencies to jointly tackle community based problems that, in addition to being illegal, have been identified as nuisances to neighborhoods.
  • To develop and maintain a robust intelligence system to identify the most violent offenders within our community.
  • To reduce the homicide rate and gun violence through aggressive enforcement, prosecution, and alternative strategies.
  • To continue relationship building, foot patrols, dialogue, and problem solving with the community.