McNeil Homicide Arrest

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ostranderd in KDPS News on Feb 23, 2012
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Second Homicide Suspect Arrested for 2007 Homicide


Kalamazoo, MI: 


On August 7, 2007, Kalamazoo Public Safety was dispatched to the Stadium Discount Laundry for a report of a man lying in a pool of blood.  Officers discovered Daniel McNeil, who gave a dying declaration of the description of the suspects.  Mr. McNeil unfortunately died a short time later from the injuries that he incurred. 


In February of 2008, Christopher Levitt was convicted of the homicide and sentenced to Life in Prison.  In July of 2010, Levitt had exhausted his appeals on his conviction.


Last week, homicide charges were issued for Roderique Rolark, 24 year old, who now resides in Sacramento, California.  With the assistance of Sacramento County Police Department, Public Safety Detectives arrested Rolark on these charges yesterday.  He is currently awaiting his extradition hearing.





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